Bone Ceramic Round High Tank Toilet L-pipe - Chrome by the Renovator's Supply

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Specifications for Bone Ceramic Round High Tank Toilet L-pipe - Chrome
  • Category: Toilets
  • Item Number: 15927
  • Price Each: $899.99
  • Minimum for Quantity Discount: 3
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finish: Chrome Plate
  • Total height: Adjustable 74 in. to 78 in.
  • Tank height: 16'' 406mm
  • Tank width: 18.25'' 18 1/4'' 464mm
  • Tank projection: 10'' 254mm
  • Bowl height: 15 Inches
  • Bowl width: 15'' 381mm
  • Installed Bowl Projection: 26 1/2 in. to 29 1/2 in.
  • Toilet Rough In: Adjustable 12 in. to 15 in.
  • Toilet Bowl Shape: Round
  • Toilet Seat: Round Toilet Seat (NOT INCLUDED)
  • FlushType: Single 1.6 Gallon
  • Drain Pipe Diameter: 1.5'' 1 1/2'' 38mm
  • Drain pipe length: Adjustable 44 in. to 48 in.
  • Fill Pipe Diameter: .5'' 1/2'' 13mm
  • Fill pipe length: Adjustable 22 in. to 53 1/2 in.
  • Color: Biscuit
  • ColorMap: Cream
  • who_made: i_did
  • is_supply: true
  • when_made:  2010_2016
  • BoltColorMatch: Bone
  • Type: High Tank Pull Chain Toilets

This high tank toilet from Renovator's supply is a traditionally-styled beauty that is sure to add a charming touch to your home. Constructed entirely of Biscuit-colored ceramic with a chrome L-Pipe connecting the tank and bowl, the toilet fits flat against the wall for convenient installation. All of our ceramic products are finished with Reno-Gloss, our proprietary scratch and stain resistant gloss. High tank toilets are great for their efficient, gravity-driven flush, ease of use and unique, eye-catching design. Renovator's Supply stocks replacement parts and repair kits for all of our toilets, so even if something goes wrong we've got you covered. Wooden Toilet Seat Not Included, Sold Separately.

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