Cherry Finish Flat Panel Round High Tank Toilet L-pipe - Brass PVD by the Renovator's Supply

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Toilets - Cherry Finish
Flat Panel Round High Tank Toilet L-pipe - Brass PVD by the Renovator's Supply
High Tank Pull Chain Toilet With Black Round Bowl and Brass Rear Entry
  • L-Pipe High Tank Toilet water-saving 1.6 gpf Adjustable overall height 70 to 74 inch
  • Hardwood Tank with Cherry Finish 23 in. W
  • Round & Black Grade A Vitreous China toilet bowl.
  • Stainless Steel tubing with Brass PVD finish
  • Toilet seat sold separately
  • SAVE up to 25,000 gal. of WATER a yr. -
  • Money-Saving & Water-Saving 1.6 gallon flush
  • Protective RENO-GLOSS finish resists stains
  • PERFECT-HEIGHT bowl reduces daily body strain
  • Clean & Quiet gravity-activated, SIPHONIC-ACTION
  • Traditional Tank with a Flat Front Panel
  • Solid Brass superior quality fittings
  • Brass colored PVD finish Physical Vapor Deposition
  • Adjustable HEIGHT fits most bathrooms
  • Adjustable ROUGH-IN 12 in. to 15 in.
  • Includes mounting hardware, supply line & angle stop
  • Installation instructions included
  • Purchase your Toilet that saves money and water.

Renovator's Supply's stylish L-Pipe High Tank Toilet will lend your lavatory the charm and ambiance of the Victorian age. An old charm updated with the materials and components of the 21st-century technology. All tanks are a water-saving 1.6 gallons per flush. Ready to install mounting parts that includes cherry finish flat panel tank, liner, supply line, angle stop, mounting hardware and grade A vitreous round bowl. Toilet seat not included. Adjustable overall height of 70 in. to 74 in. and adjustable rough-in 12 to 15 in. Purchase your toilet today that saves both money and water. Item ID 16032

Price: $789.00
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