Bathroom Toilets / Toilets Seats: Child Sized Toilets by the Renovator's Supply

Our child sized toilets are not only safer for kids, they also minimize the messes and frustration associated when kids use standard sized toilets. These kids toilets are suitable for residential and commercial use and are constructed of grade A vitreous china. Our kid sized Toilets are ANSI compliant, water super savers at 1.25 gallons per flush and fit standard 12 rough-in.

This child's white china toilet is a charming addition to your child's bathroom. Chose your Toilet today that saves money and water. Features: - Featuring scaled-down construction for ease of use. - This is exactly the fixture you need to complete your bathroom. - Renovator's Supply toilets meet or surpass EPA water conservation guidelines. - Push button dual-flush mechanism that can save you up to 25,000 gallons of water each year - Features a light 0.8 gallon flush and a heavy 1.6 gallon flush. - Has Pantone color to match existing fixtures. - Has our proprietary Reno-Gloss finish for scratch and stain resistance. - Comes in an elegant white porcelain finish. Dimensions: - 21-1/2"" Tall x 12"" Wide x 23"" Projection Other Details: - Item ID 11837 - Bolt Covers Not Included

Sale Price: $ 249.00 Original Price: $ 399.00